Custom Kitchens Prince George

Custom Kitchens Prince George

Seven Tips That Can Assist In Designing Custom Kitchens In Prince George

Designing a custom home can be challenging, particularly when considering the layout of the different rooms. The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. Therefore, when designing a custom kitchen you must make the room comfortable enough for cooking, eating, and gathering with friends and family. There are a few tips that can assist in the designing of custom kitchens in Prince George, below are seven of them;

1) Location of dishwasher and sink:

When designing your custom kitchens in Prince George ensure that you situate your sink within an arm’s length of your dishwasher. This will rescue you from having to travel across the kitchen every now and then with dirty plates and will also prevent you from messing up the floor with grease, soap or leftover food.

2) Develop a work triangle:

Your work triangle consists of your sink, refrigerator, and stove. Your design must ensure that these three components are not too far apart or too close to each other. Being too far apart will increase your stress of accessing them easily and being too close will rob you of needed space to work. Your design must find a middle ground so you can easily access them all.

3) Electrical outlets:

When designing your custom kitchens in Prince George you must bear in mind the number and placement of the electrical outlets that you would be needing. It can be such a headache if every time you have to cook you end up moving an appliance to an area with outlets.

4) Garbage bin:

It is not just the dishwasher, sink or refrigerator that needs to be properly located to allow for a professional workable custom kitchen, the garbage bin must be placed in a good location, too. The garbage bin in the kitchen is not only used in the kitchen, rather it is used by the entire household. Place your garbage bin in a place where it can easily be accessible by the key places in the kitchen and also by the rest of the house. A popular position for placing a garbage bin is the area near the kitchen’s entrance.

5) Pantry:

Many people are guilty of leaving their pantry less sophisticated than many other areas in the home. Typically, people just build basic shelves and go their way. But the pantry is equally an essential area in the home and it contributes to the beauty and efficiency of custom kitchens in Prince George.

A well-organized pantry will help you save time and space, as you would be able to locate items in quick fashion and arranging accordingly will ensure that space is available.

6) Counter space:

Your counter space acts as a kind of workstation, hence it is important you have sufficient of it so as to allow you work better. When designing your kitchen plan for adequate counter space both to the right and left of the oven and sink. Here you can place your dishes, ingredient, vegetable etc. comfortably.

7) Lighting:

When designing your custom kitchen ensure the lighting is sufficient and balance enough to allow for easy cooking, even at night. It won’t be a pleasant experience if you end up chopping your fingers when trying to chop at night with a dim light. You may even consider under cabinet lighting, as this is becoming a new trend. You could also consider installing dimmers on your main lights, this allows you to control the light intensity for different periods of the day.


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